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TOPCO impact to Jorvan Community Outreach

  • TOPCO has been supporting the education programme of the Jorvan Community Outreach for 10 years now.  The invaluable support has allowed us to increase the number of learners and students that live at and use the student centre from 10 to 30.  The funding is used to assist with the following expenses of the Outreach:

-School uniform


-Monthly food cost

-Municipality bills (water, electricity and gas)

-Medical bills

-Transport costs (fuel, bus/taxi fare) for students

  • Here follows some of the statistics of the Outreach programme:

-To date we have 6 university students who have come through the programme (one of them has been with the programme since the age of 15)

-Their field of studies are : B.Sc Human Life Science ; B.Sc Chemical Science ; B.Sc Microbiology ; B.A. Journalism ; B.A. Law ; Human Resource Management

-In 2016 we had our youngest member join the programme at the age of 5.  She started Grade 1 this year and is doing very well.

-70% of the group are girls.

-Many of the learners from the programme joined the Dare To Stand Out group because their results were weak or mediocre.  We have 100% pass percentage at the end of each school year and most of the learners receive merit and honours awards.

-We had NO teenage pregnancies within the programme.

-Brian has started an exercise routine for all the learners who are at the student centre.

They run, cycle, walk or we have a fun dance sessions with Jordan.   Alternatively we have a physical exercise programme once a week.

-ALL of the Jorvanites (the outreach students) are involved in the running of the Community Outreach Programme.  Each Jorvanite is a mentor or tutor.  During the school holidays they will volunteer at a foster care home ; they volunteer at a local educare centre.

  • Challenges

-The cost of university registration fees and additional school fees, places a strain on the monthly food bill, stationery costs, etc.

-The existing student centre is becoming too small to accommodate the learners living at the centre.  There are many more students who would like to move into the student centre due to social constraints at their homes.  We would therefore like to extend the student centre by adding another floor to the existing house/building which would cost R550 000 toR600 000.

-We require a minibus to transport the learners to and from school and also to various school workshops. Melanie has to make several trips to and from school in her car which impacts on her teaching / tutoring time at the Outreach Student Centre. It also impacts negatively on our monthly fuel cost.

-It is becoming increasingly clear that most if not all of the learners who live with us need some professional psychological counselling.  Many of them have experienced various traumatic events throughout their lives and as they grow older they struggle to cope with the suppressed emotions.  Neither Brian nor I are equipped to assist the children although we do offer maternal/paternal support.  Often, however, this is not enough but due to financial constraints the outreach programme cannot afford the counselling sessions which cost approximately R850.00 per session.

  • Direct quote from beneficiary

-My name is Celine and I have been with the Jorvan Community Outreach for 5 years.  I started off as a weak student and the education programme has really helped me grow, not only academically but emotionally as well.  I started living permanently at the outreach centre since 2017 due to the negative environment at my home.  Due to the harsh relationship that I had with my mother, I fell into a stage of depression and therefore became anorexic but since living at the Outreach Student Centre I have become healthy again. The outreach programme really benefits me in the way that there is a continuous support base system, provides a safe space, a healthy environment, daily meals, bus fare when needed and toiletries when needed. The continuous help from TOPCO will really be able to help us as students as we will be able to have our stationary, books, travel allowances and our daily meals.

-My name is Jordan and I’m the biological daughter of Brian and Melanie. Over the years I’ve seen how the Outreach has grown and how the help it provides to those going through the programme has evolved. At this point the Outreach is doing way more than I think we ever could have imagined. It’s seen as a safe haven by the kids because here they are given the space to flourish whether it be personally or academically. They are given the resources, the building blocks, to be the change they wish they could see and living with these kids I see the growth. Without this programme I could tell you that so many of them would be lost, falling into the same traps as their guardians/parents had and so much potential would have been wasted. This magic is of course only possible with help from the TOPCO. We as a family aren’t by the means to fully financially support as many kids as we do, but your company allows us to be a catalyst in their development.

Jorvan Community Outreach

International: +27 83 2720412

Local: 083 2720412

Office: +27 21 3714469

web: www.jorvanoutreach.com

Follow us on FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/jorvanoutreach/


About the Jorvan Outreach Program

Brian Vandayar.

Founder and Director.
Brian is one of eight kids, raised by a single mom in a township. Throughout his life, he often wished for someone to save him and his siblings from the abuse his mom endured and from their squalid living conditions. Though no one ever 'saved' him, he decided early on in life that if he ever could, he would want to help struggling children from single mother homes.

At the age of 17 was forced to leave school and worked as a laborer and a driver. Later on he worked as a security guard at a bank. A kind bank manager saw potential in Brian and granted him a scholarship to attend night school. Brian worked days and studied nights and eventually worked his way into becoming the first non-white male to work as an ATM service consultant (automatic teller machine). Then 1994 happened and apartheid ended.

While employed at the bank he studied part-time and was promoted into the sales and marketing department of the bank. Under Nelson Mandela's education program, Brian attended university at the age of 36. His passion for his country and love for people naturally led him to a degree in psychology and later a diploma in tourism. He also knew he needed a flexible day job in order to pursue his heart - helping disadvantaged children. Before Jorvan Community Outreach was established, Brian and his wife Melanie supported 26 charities with their own income. After numerous years of trying to help 26 different projects, Brian and Melanie realized they needed to scale down their charitable work. They decided to only focus on educational charities and established the current Jorvan Community Outreach Student Center. Currently, Brian is a freelance tour guide for the Western Cape region and is also the head director of the Jorvan Outreach Student Center.

Melanie Vandayar

Founder and Director.
Melanie was raised by her mother in a Cape Town township. After many lucky breaks - teachers giving her lunch money, helping her with school fees, etc - she knew in her heart that she wanted to repay the kindness given to her by giving back to her community. Melanie is a high school teacher and strongly believes in structure, stability and guidance for each child's success. Melanie's mother, like most struggling mothers in townships, expected her to work and provide income to the family at age 14. Melanie was forced to work as a seamstress at that tender age, but then decided she believed too much in the power of education. She disobeyed her mom and went back to school, completing high school and university on her own. Melanie currently teaches Life Sciences at Cedar High School, a township school where the average class size is 45-50 students. Her passion for teaching led her to win the prestigious South African Annual Teacher's Award, Via Afrika Publishers People's Choice Award for teaching. The award included a nominal amount of money, of which Melanie used for a down payment for the Jorvan Outreach Student Center. Melanie spends her days teaching at Cedar High and her afternoons and evenings tutoring, managing and mentoring the students at the Jorvan Outreach Student Center.

Jordan Vandayar

Daughter and #1 tutor at student centre.
Jordan is Brian and Melanie's daughter. Though she has no biological siblings, she often tells people she has 20+ brothers and sisters. Ever since Jordan was in middle school, she shared her parents and her home with 10-15 students. Most of them would study at her house after school, under her mother's tutelage, and also stay the night. Being an honor student herself, Jordan soon became a tutor at the Jorvan Outreach Student Center. Jordan is currently a third year university student at Stellenbosch University, where she won a scholarship to study Human Science. She still volunteers at the Student Center and is heavily involved with the operations. She has encouraged her fellow university students to volunteer at the Outreach Centre by tutoring the Outreach students on weekends.

The name Jorvan is taken from Jordan's given name and surname. (JORdan VANdayar)

Jorvan Outreach's mission is to support, empower and provide opportunities to individuals who live in dispiriting and unhealthy conditions in Cape Town townships.

Jorvan's two main focuses:
1 - Healthy living
2 - Education

Jorvan Community Outreach runs a Student Center in a Cape Town township called Mitchell's Plain. The Student Center is a safe haven for disadvantaged high school students (ages 6 - 21) who are at risk of not completing school or university due to dire home situations, but have proven potential to be a merit student. After a few months of monitoring a student's progress and application from the student to be a part of the program (called DARE TO STAND OUT at the school), the student is invited to join the program. Visits are also made to the students' homes to assess the home situation.

Jorvan Outreach only accepts children from single mother homes and whose living conditions are desperate. Many of the students live without electricity in cramped, overcrowded township shacks. Some of their mothers are illiterate, unaware and without any aspirations for a better life for their children.

The Student Center is a safe haven, library, study hall, common kitchen, technology hub and dormitory located a few doors down from the founders' home. Brian and Melanie Vandayar currently run the Student Center and dinners are held in their home every weeknight. The purpose of the Student Center is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for the students to live (optional) and study. It is, essentially, a study center and boarding school (but with a lot of love and fun!), and provides the home life the students crave and need for success. Brian and Melanie have witnessed how much a secure and stable home life - away from alcoholic relatives, drugs, and gangs - can contribute to a student's success in school and life.

Before the Student Center was established in 2013, Brian and Melanie ran the program out of their home since 2005. Every day fifteen young people would come over to study and prepare for exams. The motivation was to give the students a real chance to study, to make the most of their schooling and get a proper start in life. Brian and Melanie supported the program from their own income and donations from faithful friends. They themselves are unpaid for their work and do not receive government support. Donations in kind or cash are so welcome in order to ensure the survival of the project

"I have known Brian, Melanie and their daughter Jordan for many years, a kindhearted, sincere and loving

Family who have always received more joy in giving than receiving. This family run the JORVAN COMMUNITY OUTREACH programme and thereby have identified children with real needs, good students that have fallen on bad times.

Through the work they do I am always kept abreast with information and needs.I ask that you help them, help their community.There are pictures posted on the JORVAN COMMUNITY OUTREACH Facebook page.  Thereby you know how your donations will be used.

God promises those who use the talent of wealth to bless others:

"Give, and it shall be given unto you" (Luke 6:38) "

Linsay Shuttleworth

Get Involved

We can all make a difference.


Sponsor a hardworking, disadvantaged student from the townships of Cape Town.

Do Good Together

PLEASE HELP by keeping our children in school next year. 

These students are determined to remain in school to further their education. There are many hardworking, motivated & deserving students that excel once they receive sponsorship. 

They come from difficult & often abusive homes. They lose their self-worth & are de-motivated due to circumstances beyond their reach.

They regain their self-esteem and are motivated when someone takes an interest in them.

This allows them to believe that they are important knowing that someone cares about their well-being.

Jorvan Community Outreach Student Centre

Organizational Overview:

  • Jorvan Community Outreach (“Outreach”) is a community-based organisation that supports positive youth development in townships within Cape Town. Efforts focus on educational, nutritional, health and social, support. Upon securing financial sponsorships, there is also a special emphasis placed on enrolling students in high-quality learning institutions from the primary school to university level.

Statement of Need:

  • The constituents served by Outreach projects are living in conditions of extreme poverty. Many of the children do not have access to formal housing, electricity, or running water.  As a result, they often suffer from low self-esteem, poor academic development, and diminished life goals.  To date, the Outreach has been able to offer a private residence as a stop-gap measure to address these challenges and provide a private, healthy, safe environment for study. Creating this type of space for the children will allow them to fulfill their dreams which in most cases seem so distant and unrealistic.


  • In the upcoming year, we wish to acquire the following at the Student Centre:  Extra rooms which will serve as classrooms for tutorials; a computer lab where the learners will have convenient access to internet for projects or tasks and a fully functional library for research purposes.

Target Population and Involvement:

  • Outreach identifies children across racial boundaries that have exceptional academic ability but do not prosper due to the adverse conditions in their communities. Many children are living with their mothers or other family members and receive little or no support due to external pressures (e.g., unemployment, long work hours, etc.). Jorvan Community Outreach will manage this Outreach Student Centre but allow students to take ownership by giving them a sense of belonging and pride. This will help them to regain their self esteem, realise their dreams and prosper.

Student Centre requirements:

  • Computers/laptops

  • 24hr Security Response

  • Stationery

  • Data projector

  • Additional study rooms

  • Minibus - to transport students to school and tutorials

Monthly costs:

  • Mortgage/bond payments: 4300.00 RAND

  • Cash balance of bank loan: 457 000.00 RAND

  • Bank loan balance over 28 year loan term: 870 000.00 RAND

  • Food: 6500 RAND

  • Toiletries: 1100 RAND

  • Monthly municipality bills: (electricity and water) 550 RAND

  • Paper for printing: 250 RAND

  • Printer cartridges: 1200 RAND

  • Internet:  400 RAND

  • Fuel: 3000 RAND

  • Bread: 600 RAND

Student sponsorship:

School students:

  • 6000 RAND: per annum (This includes school fees, school uniform and a stationery pack with school bag)

  • 4800 RAND: per annum for meals for the children living at the Outreach Centre.

  • 3520 RAND:   per annum for school transport fees

University students:

  • 5400 RAND - Registration fees  

University fees  -  (We have 3 university students for 2016 – PLEASE enquire about the yearly fees for each student)

  • 4800 RAND: per annum for meals for the children living at the Outreach Centre.

  • 8800 RAND: per annum for transport to university

  • 2nd  Year Science student for: 30 000 RAND  - per year

  • 2nd  Year Law student for: 26000 RAND  -  per year

  • 1st year Microbology student: 30 000 RAND  -  per year

Future goals:

  • For the Outreach Student Centre bank loan to be paid/settled  in full.

  • To build another floor above the Outreach Student Centre for additional study and sleeping quarters.

  • Minibus to transport students to school and tutorials.

We are appealing to you to help us continue to make this project a reality and help us change destinies.

For cash donations please find the Outreach banking details below and please list your name as a reference OR you may remain anonymous.

Banking details: 

Account name:            Jorvan Community Outreach

  • Bank                           ABSA

  • Branch code               632005

  • Account type              Savings

  • Account number         9245 696 362

  • Swift code                   ABSA ZA JJ

  • Branch address         11 Grove Avenue,

                                               Claremont, 7708

                                               Cape Town 8000, South Africa

Thanking you

Brian Vandayar


DONATE to Jorvan Community Outreach

Empowering those that dare to stand out.


"Jorvan Outreach -- Empowering those that dare to stand out."

Ways to give:
1) Donate via EFT (electronic fund payment) into Outreach banking account below:

Banking information: 
• Account name Jorvan Community Outreach
• Bank: ABSA
• Branch code: 632005
• Account type: Savings
• Account number: 9245 696 362
• Swift code: ABSA ZA JJ

• Bank address:
1 Grove Avenue,
Claremont, 7708
Cape Town, 8000
South Africa

Jorvan Outreach address:
73 Daphne Crescent,
Mitchell’s Plain, 7785
Cape Town, 8000
South Africa

2) Mail a check to the following address:
* 73 Daphne Crescent, Woodlands Mitchell’s Plain, 7785, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
* Check made out to: 'Jorvan Community Outreach

Serving Food

Filadelfia Ark

Topco has joined the Filadelfia Family to help families in need.
Below is a just a short description on what this great organisation does to try help others lead a better life.

Filadelfia Ark is a non-profit registered article 22 company. They offer housing and food to the destitute and those in need. They also make provision for families with children on the farm, east of Hartebeespoort. Filedelfia Ark offer a safe haven and a work environment for people.

Jobs offered at the Ark include: Farming, woodwork, steelworks, mechanical work , gardening and cooking.

The Ark houses on average 450 people per month at our care centre, included here is approximately 100 children (aged 1 to 18 years) and 82 pensioners, 46 of our residents work outside of the farm. The rest have no income and work on the farm. We also have a free kindergarten with approximately 40 children. Our residents receive 3 free meals a day and do not pay for accommodation. Filadelfia Ark also has a clinic on site with 2 registered nurses who offer basic medical assistance. 

The Ark always has need for donations, whether it be monetary or goods, please follow the links below to donate to this amazing cause! 

To donate any goods please follow the links below and fill in the contact form,

the Ark also accepts cash donations at the following link;

For more information please call or email the Filadelfia Ark on

  • 012-376-4304

  • Email: admin@filadelfiaark.org.za 

Goods donations. 

Monetary donations.

Plot 225, h/v Charl en Milfoill Rd,

Kameeldrift Wes,

Pretoria-Wes 018

Posbus 1130, Hartbeespoort, 0216


Get Involved: Filadelfia Ark

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Donate to Filadelfia Ark

Whatever You Can Spare

To donate any goods please follow the links below and fill in the contact form,

the Ark also accepts cash donations at the following link;

For more information please call or email the Filadelfia Ark on



Help a furry friend in need!

Topco Models is proud to be part of the PAWSrehoming initiative!

Witfield-based animal rescuer Claudine Matthews is desperately in need of help to continue her project of providing help for needy and stray animals in the impoverished communities.

The single-handed non-profit-animal rescuer operates under the name ”Pawsrehoming”.

“Pawsrehoming is not an animal shelter, but assists in securing shelter for homeless dogs at our local animal havens,” Matthews said.

“Our services include rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing lost, abandoned and abused dogs, as well as the provision of food and medical care, including vaccinations and sterilizations.

“With the help of a carpenter living in the Angelo informal settlement, Pawsrehoming also manufactures kennels from wooden pallets.

“These kennels are then donated to the dog owners in the settlement, where most dogs sleep outside.”

Pawsrehoming sometimes renders its service to rescue and re-home other animals, including cats, goats, ducks, geese and donkeys.

Please visit the Pawsrehoming Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the day-to-day happenings at Pawsrehoming.

Get Involved: Pawsrehoming

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Donate to pawsrehoming

Help a furry friend in need!

All donations can be made directly to Pawsrehoming:

C Matthews

ABSA Cheque Account

Acc : 1002860356

Branch : Eastlands

Please reference all donations with PR OUTREACH and YOUR NAME.