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Filadelfia Ark

Topco has joined the Filadelfia Family to help families in need.
Below is a just a short description on what this great organisation does to try help others lead a better life.

Filadelfia Ark is a non-profit registered article 22 company. They offer housing and food to the destitute and those in need. They also make provision for families with children on the farm, east of Hartebeespoort. Filedelfia Ark offer a safe haven and a work environment for people.

Jobs offered at the Ark include: Farming, woodwork, steelworks, mechanical work , gardening and cooking.

The Ark houses on average 450 people per month at our care centre, included here is approximately 100 children (aged 1 to 18 years) and 82 pensioners, 46 of our residents work outside of the farm. The rest have no income and work on the farm. We also have a free kindergarten with approximately 40 children. Our residents receive 3 free meals a day and do not pay for accommodation. Filadelfia Ark also has a clinic on site with 2 registered nurses who offer basic medical assistance. 

The Ark always has need for donations, whether it be monetary or goods, please follow the links below to donate to this amazing cause! 

To donate any goods please follow the links below and fill in the contact form,

the Ark also accepts cash donations at the following link;

For more information please call or email the Filadelfia Ark on

  • 012-376-4304

  • Email: admin@filadelfiaark.org.za 

Goods donations. 

Monetary donations.

Plot 225, h/v Charl en Milfoill Rd,

Kameeldrift Wes,

Pretoria-Wes 018

Posbus 1130, Hartbeespoort, 0216


Get Involved: Filadelfia Ark

We can all make a differnece


Donate to Filadelfia Ark

Whatever You Can Spare

To donate any goods please follow the links below and fill in the contact form,

the Ark also accepts cash donations at the following link;

For more information please call or email the Filadelfia Ark on



Help a furry friend in need!

Topco Models is proud to be part of the PAWSrehoming initiative!

Witfield-based animal rescuer Claudine Matthews is desperately in need of help to continue her project of providing help for needy and stray animals in the impoverished communities.

The single-handed non-profit-animal rescuer operates under the name ”Pawsrehoming”.

“Pawsrehoming is not an animal shelter, but assists in securing shelter for homeless dogs at our local animal havens,” Matthews said.

“Our services include rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing lost, abandoned and abused dogs, as well as the provision of food and medical care, including vaccinations and sterilizations.

“With the help of a carpenter living in the Angelo informal settlement, Pawsrehoming also manufactures kennels from wooden pallets.

“These kennels are then donated to the dog owners in the settlement, where most dogs sleep outside.”

Pawsrehoming sometimes renders its service to rescue and re-home other animals, including cats, goats, ducks, geese and donkeys.

Please visit the Pawsrehoming Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the day-to-day happenings at Pawsrehoming.

Get Involved: Pawsrehoming

We can all make a difference


Donate to pawsrehoming

Help a furry friend in need!

All donations can be made directly to Pawsrehoming:

C Matthews

ABSA Cheque Account

Acc : 1002860356

Branch : Eastlands

Please reference all donations with PR OUTREACH and YOUR NAME.